• It should be noted that the consultation process has concluded.
  • The reporting process has started, on March 20th — read the announcement.

Parties at COP 10 decided that based on the recommendations and feedback presented in document ICCD/CRIC(10)/11 (iterative process), the secretariat and the Global Mechanism are to implement necessary improvements on the reporting templates. Parties also decided that the secretariat and the Global Mechanism were to consult Parties regarding the further refinement process of those templates.

In light of the time schedule for the forthcoming reporting, the secretariat and the Global Mechanism have released refined reporting templates by sections (i.e. section on additional information, on the financial annexes etc…) for comments by Parties.

The release of the various sections followed the below schedule:

The comments were received per section for the duration of 10 days before the relevant convention institution would finalize the section and send it for further processing (editing, translation into all UN languages).

Each section has its own page where generic comments on the usability of the template could be posted.
Alternatively, concrete suggestions on the templates could be made by sending a pdf file to the secretariat (sending to reporting2012@unccd.int). The secretariat then published these pdf files as a new post (for example “Comments from Country X on the additional information section”).

On March 14th the consultation on the reporting templates was concluded and the reporting tools are being finalized for final release and utilization for country Parties.

Due to the dynamic nature of consultative processes, work documents can only be provided in English. We thank the Parties in advance for their leniency and understanding.
It should be noted that finalized versions are sent to editing and translation.